Eyebrow Microblading

What is Eyebrow Microblading/Feathering?

Eyebrow Microblading, also known as eyebrow feathering or ‘feather stroke tattooing’ is a growing area of eyebrow styling. It is a semi permanent technique using a hand tool as opposed to more common cosmetic tattooing. The hand tool results in strokes that are incredibly fine, producing a realistic hair effect with a natural look. Microblading will last up to 2 years, with touch ups throughout to maintain the look.

Microblading in Melbourne

Benefits of Microblading

Doesn't smudge or smear

Due to pigment being implanted in the first 3 layers of skins, microblading. is a great choice for those that live an active lifestyle. 

Different to other methods, the brows maintain their shape regardless of the activity. 

Brows that last

Semi-permanent in their nature, your eyebrows can last 1-3 years with touch up sessions. This means you can have a consistent look while being able to change when desired.

Close to pain free

Experienced microblading artists use creams to minimise any discomfort of clients. This makes it a simple process that is suitable for a wide range of individuals. 

“Thank you Nilma.. I’m in love with my eyebrows.”

What is Phi Brows?

Based in Europe, Phi Brows is a prestigious Microblading school teaching techniques that are use by leading beauticians today. Techniques like using the Golden Ratio to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape requires skill and dedication, making the qualification from PhiBrows hard to obtain.

Nilima is a Phi Brows approved technician, meaning Nilima has undergone an intensive training course, reaching strict criteria to pass. This makes Nilima one of the select few Phi Brows technicians in Australia, offering realistic and natural looking brows without the upkeep necessary with alternatives.

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Before Microblading Care

Taking some simple steps before your appointment can mean you get the best results. Click below to find out more.

After Microblading Care

After your appointment, to maintain your brows and results, consult with one of our experts and follow our guide. Click below to find out more.


Full Brow Set

A Full Microblading Brow Set, reduced from full price of $675.


Brow Definition

Defined brows through the specialised Microblading technique.


Touch Up Session

Touch up to ensure longest lasting results.



How long do Microblading appointments take?

On average a microblading session will take 2 hours. Of that, only 40 minutes is used for the actual procedure. Additional appointments for touch ups will take an hour.

How long should Microblading last?

Microblading is semipermanent, and will eventually fade. A guide is 1-3 years to maintain the shape and color of the brows with touch up appointments. every year. This can change however, dependent on,

– Color of brows (lighter pigment can fade faster)

– Skin qualities (Oily skins is known to fade faster)

– Other cosmetics used (Cosmetics such as anti-agin products speed up the cell turnover rate in the body)

These factors can extend or shortern the period of time between touch up sessions. 

Does Microblading ruin your eyebrows?

No, as with any procedure, an amatuer who does not know how to correctly perform microblading, they may be at risk of damaging the eyebrow root and skin area.

If performed correctly, this will not be the case and it will not ruin your eyebrows. 

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