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What is a Phi Brows Artist?
Phi Brows artists are a way that customers can feel more sure of their eye brows artist. Microblading is becoming more popular across Australia, however education and skill varies greatly. This can make it very difficult for customers, finding an artist they can be confident in.

Phi Brows Artists go through a rigorous 6 month training course, including hand on learning. This includes 11 levels of mastery to perfect the style. This is much different to courses that offer 1 day or 1 week solutions, that do not have the same attention to detail.

This allows customers to recognise the high quality of Phi Brows artist due to their extensive training.

Why Choose a Phi Brows Artist?

1. Superior Work

Extensive training through 11 levels of mastery over 6 months means each Phi Brows Artists has thee depth of knowledge to produce superior results.

2. Tools

Phi Brows tools and methods are designed and developed to enable the artists. High quality stainless steel allows for clean and precise strokes in Microblading.

3. Eyebrow Mapping

Careful assessment and measuring of eyebrows, using age old ratios such as the Golden ratio of 1.618 to determine the ideal proportions for the face. All elements, such as the thickness, hue and shape are derived from what will best suit the client.

4. Safety & Support

From the extensive training and practice, Phi browss artists know what situations suit Microblading, which medical conditions and pathology do not and alternatives to look at. Phi Brows artists have access to the Phi Brows Physicians to support patients.

Interested in services with a certified Phi brows Artist Nilma? Contact us below, and enjoy the benefits of choosing an expert.

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