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What is Cosmetic

Cosmetic Tattooing, also known as semi-permanent makeup, is a longer lasting solution to eye makeup and lip liner, where specifically created coloured pigments are inserted beneath the top layer of skin, using small, sterilised needles, which create the illusion of makeup without the hassle.

How long will Cosmetic Tattooing last?

There is no definitive timescale for cosmetic tattoo treatments as it all depends on the condition of the skin, your age, the type of pigment used, the depth of pigment colour and your skin type, however if you follow the aftercare recommendations provided by your therapist you shouldn’t need to touch ups done for at least 12-18 months.

What is Eyebrow Tattooing?
What is Eyebrow Tattooing?

Eyeliner Tattoo

Ombre Powder Brows

Eyebrow Tattoo

Combo Brows

Lip Tattoo

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Costmetic Tattooing in Melbourne

What you should NOT do while a cosmetic tattoo is healing

  • Use soaps/cleanses on the tattooed area for the first 5 days (also try to avoid shampoo/conditioner from getting into the tattoo) to reduce risk of infection or causing irritation.
  • No makeup should be applied to any areas that has received cosmetic tattooing for the first 2 weeks post procedure, as you are also not advised to use makeup remover/ cleanses, this would affect the healing process and the final result.
  • Don’t use petroleum-based product during the healing time as this will affect how the cosmetic tattoo heals, which may result in an uneven result.
  • Have any facial treatments: Facials, waxing, threading while your cosmetic tattoo is healing, the process of some of these treatments and the ingredients used can cause the pigment to bleed and disperse from the skin, causing a patchy tattoo.
  • Go swimming in pools, the sea, or go in jacuzzis/saunas for 2 weeks after your procedure, to ensure the area has fully healed so the pigment isn’t drawn out of the skin and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Exercise that will cause you to sweat shouldn’t be untaken during the first week, this would cause increased risk of infection, light exercise is permitted, however make sure the area is cleaned with warm water as soon as you finish to remove any bacteria.

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